Eclipse SVN Shortcut Keys not working

We use SVN as the primary code revision tool, someone use it with tortoise, but I prefer having everything configured in eclipse. This provides also two beloved shortcuts from the SVN category:

  • "CTRL + ALT + L" for the "latest from repository" command which immediatly tells me which are the differences with the latest version from the repository.
  • "CTRL + ALT + C" for the "commit" command which I leave to you find out what it does.
      Both the times the problem occurred, it was resolved simply doing so:
      Windows -> Customize perspective... -> Command groups availability -> check the SVN box
      which makes the shortcut keys work again but also place the SVN buttons in the top toolbar, which I don't want to, so you can remove them doing:
      Windows -> Customize perspective... -> Tool Bar visibility -> uncheck SVN box

      This worked with eclipse Helios and Galileo on Windows Vista and Windows 7